Hey guys!

My name is Anna-Katharina Heise, I am 30 year old and I founded the fashion brand Indyanna in 2011 after I finished my fashion studies in Schwerin (Germany).

I moved to London straight after my graduation and started making the first Indyanna pieces with my little sewing machine which my mom sent to me via post to London. At that time every item was a one of a kind piece as I couldn´t afford to buy more fabrics to make the items in several sizes. Then I just put all the pieces in my bagback and looked for potential shops who could like my stuff. Thats how I found my first stockist, a small concept store on Brick lane calles Shop 178. I was sooooo proud to see my pieces in an actual shop! London inspired me a lot in what I wanted to do and in which direction I wanted to go. As I am connected to the punk scene since I was a teenager, music is and will always be one of the biggest inspirations for me and my fashion.

After some time Indyanna was stocked in several shops in England and Germany and it was time for me to move on. I moved back to Germany (Berlin) as London was unfortunately way to expensive for me to fullfill my dream: opening my own shop! After I arrived in Berlin I started looking for the perfect place for my little rainbow paradise and I found it in my favourite area in Berlin: Friedrichshain!

Since we opened Coexist in March 2014 our little Indyanna studio is in the back of the shop, that were we (Sophia and I) produce all the Indyanna garments. Every piece is handmade by us, if the orders are too big for us to manage at our own studio we work together with some amazing tailors who are helping us here locally in Berlin.

Indyanna is now stocked all around the world and we are very proud of that! Here are some of our stockist which you need to check out:

I need More (New York), Badqueen Shop (Taipei), Fac Shop (Amsterdam), Spark Pretty (New York), Glitterdeath (LA), Tibbs and bones (Melbourne), Sandstormstore (Australia), Great Tomorrow (Barcelona), Pogo (Stuttgart, SO WEIRD (France) and K BYE (Barcelona)



I opened Coexist Berlin in march 2014.

At Coexist we are not only stocking our own brand, we also stock many great, independent brands from all over the world! We also stock „bigger“ brands as our idea behind the name „Coexist“ is that artists and designers, however small or big, can exist within the same environment and help each other to grow.We support local designers from Berlin but also stocking handmade pieces by independent designers from Australia, USA, Thailand and so on! Many people asking what kind of customers are coming to our store, this is hard to say because its not only one specific group of people who like our pieces, and thats what we love, everyone can find something beautiful in our magical place. We have Clubkids and Ravers coming in, Punks, Gothics, Cosplayers, Hippies, Fetish lovers, Festival goers, Drag queens, Parents and Grand parents! Here are some of the brand we stock: Killstar, Lui Trash, The Ragged Priest, Lupae, YRU, Marina Fini, J Valentine, Motel, Demonia, Glitter Disco Child, Ems The Label and many many more!

Our Coexist/Indyanna consists of 5 people:


Sophia is part of the Indyanna/Coexist Team since 2016, she takes care of the production process and the finishing of all the Indyanna garments, she is sewing up all your orders, packing orders, and she takes care of all the sewing machines. And she is also replying to emails when I am on holiday or if I am sick in bed:) <3

Kat is part of our team since December 2018, she is also a shop assistant, she is taking care of the social media, selling,dressing the mannequins in new fabulous outfits,taking care of our customers and she is also modeling for Indyanna and our Online store! <3

Denise is part of our team since January 2019, she did an internship at our shop and we just couldn´t let her go! Denise is taking care of our social media and the onlineshop(yes, its a lot of work) she is uploading new items, answering all your messages, putting new stock into the shop, and you can see her sometimes as a model on our instagram posts and she will model for our online store pretty soon too! <3


and then its me, Anna, I design the pieces for Indyanna, pattern making, cutting, sewing, I take care of the indyanna social media together with Sophia, I am packing your orders and reply to emails, searching for new brand and items to stock at our store, taking care of the financial stuff (boring) and sometimes I am also at the shop front and help out if our customers have any questions. :)


Come around and say hi! We cant wait to meet you :)





C O N T A C T   U S

Gruenberger Strasse 88
10245 Berlin


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